The Cursed Cave is the home of Grella,and her Cursed ones. On the outside it looks like a typical Volcano but on the inside it looks like a cave with a pool of water connecting to the ocean in it. Through the cave part you can access the mansion. In the Mansion there is a Living room, a Dining room, a Kitchen, 4 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms,a dungeon,and a secret tunnel room. The Cave itself is about several thousand years old. Not as old as Grella but still

The Spell CaveEdit

The Spell room is the main Cave entrance. It's where Grella cast's all her spells. Such as the:

  • Past spell

- Causes the world to go back in time.

  • Turning Spell

- Turns average humans into cursed ones.

  • Hypnotizing Spell

- Hypnotizes a person into doing your will.